Flex of the Week #20: Custom Scalp with Custom 3D-Printed Holder

Check out this week’s Flex of the Week which features a custom scalp together with a custom 3D-printed holder.

In this particular case, the holder doubles as an imaging phantom, which this customer will be using to not only verify the perfect fit of the FlexiBol, but also to quantify how large the air gaps would have been with a non-custom bolus (e.g., a conventional sheet).

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Make .decimal Your Virtual Mold Room

Are you still maintaining the overhead and risks of having an on-site mold room?

Let .decimal relieve you of those burdens and costs, and free up new office space at your clinic. As your virtual mold room, we will provide you with high-quality, on-demand, patient-specific devices for photon, electron, and proton therapy.

Click here to get started.

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FlexFlix 5: Complex Leg

Our FlexFlix video series gives an inside look at some of the unique devices created by .decimal, and the hard-working people who make them.

This week, Justin shows how the .decimal team was up to the challenge to make a complex custom leg bolus. In this case, the team decided to use combination of 3D-printed and machine-milled components for the silicone mold.

Click here if you want to more info about FlexiBol or would like one of your boluses to be featured in a future FlexFlix.

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Longevity 2020

.decimal will always be thankful for the employees who push our company forward. Even in these trying times, we still wanted to recognize and celebrate this group of employees and their longevity achievements, as well as everything that they’ve done with us during their continued loyalty.

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Welcome Our New Chief Customer Officer!


Everyone at .decimal is SO excited to welcome Mary into the position of Chief Customer Officer (CCO)!

While Mary has been an employee at .decimal for almost 15 years, she has recently taken on this new role. Formerly the customer service, marketing, human resources, and sales manager; Mary has always had a passion for serving people– customers and employees alike. She is thrilled to turn her love of service into action by becoming the customer advocate and being there for our customers every step of the way.

This new role gives Mary the opportunity to put the customer as the number one priority and ensure satisfaction from start to finish. There couldn’t be a better fit for Mary at .decimal and we can’t wait to see the amazing work she will do as the new CCO!


Caps off to you, Grads!

Ben and Dani Grad Cover Photo

ConGRADulations to our 2020 Seminole State Graduates Dani Hass and Ben Henry! .decimal is SO proud to recognize them and their incredible achievements. They have exemplified the .decimal core values of being committed to excellence and demonstrating continuous improvement. The choices they have made now to pursue higher education will impact their future success in a big way!

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Forever Changed

We started off March as businesses as usual — for the most part. The lingering news stories of COVID-19 traveling the world made us furrow our brows as we talked about it in the break room, but we had no idea that by the end of March we would go from working normally to completely modifying how we operated. COVID-19 has changed the world, and with it, .decimal has taken precautions and measures to ensure that cancer patients are still treated with the best possible care amid an unprecedented time.

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We’re AS9100 Certified!

In February, we were awarded our AS9100 Certification which opens us up for aerospace work in the contract manufacturing part of the business. Having this certification gives .decimal a lot of new opportunities to explore.

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