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Flex of the Week #20: Custom Scalp with Custom 3D-Printed Holder

Check out this week’s Flex of the Week which features a custom scalp together with a custom 3D-printed holder.

In this particular case, the holder doubles as an imaging phantom, which this customer will be using to not only verify the perfect fit of the FlexiBol, but also to quantify how large the air gaps would have been with a non-custom bolus (e.g., a conventional sheet).

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FlexFlix 5: Complex Leg

Our FlexFlix video series gives an inside look at some of the unique devices created by .decimal, and the hard-working people who make them.

This week, Justin shows how the .decimal team was up to the challenge to make a complex custom leg bolus. In this case, the team decided to use combination of 3D-printed and machine-milled components for the silicone mold.

Click here if you want to more info about FlexiBol or would like one of your boluses to be featured in a future FlexFlix.

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