Symphony, anyone?

Our employees are multidimensional and multitalented, both at work and at home. Here at .decimal, Jim Selikoff works in software development, but his passion outside of work started at five years old with his first violin lesson.  His dream of making a career out of music began when he played saxophone in a soul band in high school.

Jim has been involved in bands and orchestras his whole life and now plays with the Volusia Community Symphony Orchestra. Founded in 1980, The Volusia Community Symphony is a volunteer orchestra, playing genres ranging from light classical to movie soundtracks to Broadway. 


“[My favorite part] is learning new musical styles, playing with other musicians, and receiving a compliment from a fellow musician, even if they’re just being nice,” said Selikoff. “It’s always the best when someone in the audience walks up and says how much they enjoyed what we played!”

Photo courtesy of the Volusia County Symphony Orchestra Facebook page
Photo courtesy of the Volusia County Symphony Orchestra website

His rehearsals with the orchestra last two and a half hours every week from September to December. In addition to practicing hours each week at home, Jim can often be found in the .decimal studio on his lunch break sneaking in a small session or two before heading back to work.In his years of practice, Jim has learned to play the violin, viola, piano, saxophone, flute, mandolin, guitar, and clawhammer banjo–with an equal love for all of them.

Jim’s dedication, passion, and character for not only his work but also his hobbies, is why we’re so glad to have him on the .decimal Team!

You can play us a concert anytime, Jim!!

To learn more about The Volusia Community Symphony, check out their website:

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