Locked In

Communication and learning how to effectively work together as a team are two of the biggest challenges any company will face.  These vital keys to business success are the major initiatives behind the .decimal United team competition.

Where’s the best place to practice, you may ask? A dark, locked room and one hour on the clock, of course!

During the month of August, each .decimal United team took their lunch to eat at The Corner Cafe and then headed over to Escape Artists, an escape room company in Sanford, FL. to have their turn at getting out of a locked room the quickest. This is done by solving puzzles, breaking codes, and most importantly working together, communicating with your team members.

Every single team came back raving about how much fun they had, how they had to work together, and of course whispering about which puzzles were more challenging than the next (until everyone had gone through it).

Team Love What You Do escaped with 37 seconds left
Team Committed to Excellence almost escaped
Team Always Do What’s Right escaped with 11:31 left
Team Continuous Improvement escaped with 26:27 left

Congratulations go to team Continuous Improvement for escaping in with 26:27 remaining!

A big thank you goes out to Chef Michael at The Corner Cafe, as well as Escape Artists in Sanford for hosting us!

For more information on The Corner Cafe: thecornercafesanford.com

For more information on Escape Artists: escapeartistssanford.com

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