FDA Clears 3D Scanning Technology For Cancer Treatment

December 14, 2019, .decimal was 510K cleared to sell their highly-anticipated 3D scanner. This iPad app with a scanning camera allows for a full color, 3D, dimensionally accurate rendering of the patient treatment area, essentially allowing a radiation oncologist to scan the patient and order a custom radiation device built to the shape of the tumor within minutes.

Additionally, it helps the radiation oncology department eliminate treatment room delays, enhances the patient experience, and achieves workflow efficiencies by streamlining clinical block flow. “I believe that the decimal3D scanner is to electron radiotherapy planning what the iPhone has been to the cellular telephone,” said Chris Jahraus, MD, Generations Radiotherapy & Oncology PC, a beta tester of decimal3D. 

decimal3D will join several other software products developed by .decimal and works in conjunction with other custom devices that .decimal manufactures daily. 

“For years, .decimal’s core focus has been to reduce costs and simplify all processes involved with the use of patient-specific medical devices for our customers, allowing patients to receive the high-quality, individualized care that they deserve,” said Kevin Erhart, Ph.D., President of .decimal. “ We are very excited about receiving FDA clearance for our new decimal3D software product because it aligns so strongly with this mission. Clinical staff will benefit from the reduction of time and complexity for planning clinical electron treatments and patients will benefit from improved accuracy and reduced wait times, as decimal3D allows setups to take place in the simulator or consult rooms. decimal3D is our fourth FDA cleared software product and further solidifies our position as the leading US producer of hardware and software products for patient-specific radiotherapy treatment devices.”

.decimal, LLC designs and manufactures leading-edge medical devices and software for proton, electron, and photon therapies. We have over 33 years of medical device experience and are used by more than 300 clinics nationwide. Our mission is to help you maintain focus on patient care by letting you harness cutting edge technology without the need to maintain mold rooms and in-house expertise.

The best way to contact us is to call toll-free at 1-800-255-1613 or email Mary Snyder at  msnyder@dotdecimal.com.

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