AAPM Annual Dinners

Here at .decimal our mission is simple; do something to improve the lives of cancer patients and the families supporting them every single day. To do so, our commitment demands that we are constantly learning from, and interacting with, the top minds and organizations within the medical physics industry.

For years, .decimal has supported many different societies of medical physicists at their respective AAPM annual dinner meetings. This year we attended the IASMP (Indo American Society of Medical Physicists) 32nd Annual Meeting and the NACMPA (North American Chinese Medical Physicists Association) 23rd Annual Meeting.

As they typically are, the conversations were amazing! We gain so much knowledge and are introduced to so many talented and smart individuals, these dinners truly are highlights of the year for our staff members that attend. Not only do we get to stay informed, but the cultural enlightenment drives and inspires us to remember why our mission is so critical. Cancer treatment, and the advancements of, is a global crisis and is mission critical that we all share and learn from each other as much and often as we possibly can.

Here are some of the photos from both of this years great dinners:

IASMP (Indo American Society of Medical Physicists)
32nd Annual Meeting / July 31, 2017

NACMPA (North American Chinese Medical Physicists Association)
23rd Annual Meeting / August 2, 2017


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