Who Let the Dogs Out?

No matter what the occasion, or circumstance, the folks at .decimal are a caring and compassionate group of people!  In observance of National Dog Day, on August 26th, we thought it would be fun to share some photos of .decimal employees and their furry best friends!

We also decided to collect food, toys and treats that could be donated to Seminole County Animal Services Shelter.
We hope you enjoy looking at the photos below as much as we did!!

 Richard and Sammy
 Karen and Sammy
 Rose, Buddy and Missy
Linda and Dj
Keitt and Reley
Jessica and Maverick
Justin and Maverick
 James and Annie
 Henry and Ginger
Mary and her girls with Gracie and Nico
 Dani, Snowy and Chewy
Rahim and Mr. Juju
 Kevin’s dog, Madison
For more information on how you can help the Seminole County Animal Services, please click here:

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