Irma Can’t Stop Us!!

One of the defining aspects of our company culture is safety, both employee safety and patient safety.

Though the occasional surprise of sweet treats in the break room, jokes shared by the coffee pot, company lunches,  town halls, benefit runs, birthday celebrations, and the annual company Christmas party are great reminders of who we are, there’s nothing that will bring the .decimal family closer than a natural disaster. After hearing news of Hurricane Irma’s imminent impact, Richard and Karen, along with Linda immediately started collecting supplies for each employee.

In addition, there was a load of sand delivered for those that needed sandbags. A big thanks goes out to all of them for caring so much about all of the decimal employees and their families. Each employee was given a tote full of hurricane supplies, a weather radio, first aid kit and sand bags.

Meanwhile, .decimal has been planning ahead of Hurricane Irma. All week, we’ve been battening down the hatches of our building, evaluating our equipment, and putting contingency plans in place. Improving the lives of cancer patients and the families that care about them is our biggest priority, even in times of hurricane preparedness.

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