Seminole County Public Schools Leadership Conference

This week .decimal’s Richard Sweat was invited to participate in the Seminole County Public Schools Leadership Conference and speak on the skill sets required (and admired) by the future employers of Seminole County students.

Each year Seminole County’s superintendent of schools Dr. Walt Griffin holds a leadership conference for its board members and administrators (several hundred in attendance) and this year Richard agreed to share the knowledge he’s gained from .decimal’s 30+ years of experience.

As many of us know, learning and adapting to technology as it races through our lives and business is an ongoing effort that must stay top of mind each and every day. Here at .decimal our success requires exploration and innovation, technology is and will always be interwoven into the fabric of everything that makes us who we are. We’ve grown from building and maintaining internal softwares that allow our patient-specific device business to run smoothly, to exploring and developing customer facing software that healthcare providers will use to fight cancer on a global scale.

Outside of our technological strides, maintaining strong communication while prioritizing teamwork and problem solving is vital. We have a great team here at .decimal, and we’re very proud of that. We’ve worked really hard to define how everyone interacts, respects, and learns from one another. Each and every employee must bring something to the table, and must be allowed to demonstrate their ability to drive the business forward (while sharing and learning with the rest along the way). Without strong communication across all departments, the willingness to explore everyone’s creativity and problem solving capabilities, and the openness of leadership that allows all of  this to happen, .decimal would not be where it is today.

We want to thank Dr. Walt Griffin (who gave a fabulous speech towards the end of the day to express his thoughts on safety, accountability, relationships and positive energy) and the other great speakers that presented at the conference. The knowledge and ideas shared are always invaluable learning materials that even after 30+ years of business, we can still appreciate and learn how to utilize and implement here at .decimal.

Thanks again to everyone involved, it was truly a great time had by all.