If Not Me, Then Who?

Here at .decimal, we recognize employees are multi-faceted and always encourage our core values here at work, but also at home and in everyday life. We’d like to commend Dawson for being committed to excellence and always doing the right thing through his volunteer work within the community.

At .decimal, Dawson is a tech support specialist and enjoys helping customers. He spends his free time volunteering and overall dedicates himself to the community.

Dawson spends his evenings coaching youth soccer, something he’s most proud of. Additionally, he is the president of the homeowners association, the webmaster for the UCF Golf Association, and the controller of Knights of Columbus Assembly. He also runs golf and bowling tournament fundraisers for Knights of Columbus. Further, he is the President of the Penn State Alumni Association, Central Florida Chapter, and is on the marketing committee for JMJ Pregnancy Center.

Try saying that in one breath!

Dawson’s dedication to nonprofits and volunteering is inspirational, but it’s also hard work and time-consuming.

“The need keeps me going,” said Dawson, “It’s important for people to step up and become not just followers, but leaders. It doesn’t take much but a commitment to helping others. Doing good things in the community ties to my faith, and it’s something I believe in. My family has always been involved in helping out within the community, and I have followed in their footsteps. I tend to ask myself, ‘if not me, then who?’ My hope is that I can set an example to others and be a positive influence in the community.”

The multiple volunteering roles (we counted seven) Dawson has taken on has helped string together the strong character and leadership he brings to the office.

Aside from volunteering, Dawson owns his own web design and marketing business and has a family. He also is a pretty awesome ping pong player.

Thank you for committing to excellence and always doing what’s right! We’re so proud of you Dawson! You’re definitely the example we’d like to follow!

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