To the Rescue

.decimal is located in Florida, which means that we are no stranger to hurricanes. Despite knowing how to prepare and making all the necessary precautions beforehand, there’s no telling what a storm will do to a community. That’s why we sprung into action when we heard about the destruction in the Bahamas.

The aftermath of a hurricane can last decades, and with Hurricane Dorian as a category 5, we knew we had to brace ourselves and prepare for the worst. Though the storm hit Florida as a category 2 storm and curved upwards, there was a record 36 hour-long period where, as a category 5, Dorian hovered over the Bahamas.

We are grateful that we were not hit as bad as anticipated, but we know our Bahamian neighbors were struck with catastrophic damage. Hearts aching, we immediately started a drive, collecting supplies to help with the inevitable aftermath.

In total, we collected:

  • 540 first aid items
  • 178 batteries
  • 5106 pain relievers
  • 63 bars of soap
  • 30 deodorants
  • 122 rolls of toilet paper
  • 368 diapers
  • 1240 baby wipes
  • 600 feminine products
  • 183 granola bars

as well as a range of different foods, hygiene products, building supplies, and medical products.

We donated these items to Missionary Flights, which has an active relief program for the Bahamas.

Here is their flyer:


Additionally, if you’d like to get more info on Missionary Flights and their relief efforts,  their website is below.

There are many other relief efforts and if you are able to donate, we encourage you to do so!

We sincerely hope that this helps the victims to Dorian’s destruction and will do our best to help the Bahamas continue to rebuild over time!


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