Getting Results

Summer internships are a great opportunity to get experience and build your skillset. .decimal loves its interns and tries to have a range of them year-long. We wanted to recognize Nikhil, who interned on the product development team for his contribution to .decimal and for making it on Channel 6’s Getting Results segment.

While at .decimal, Nikhil both utilized and grew his skills in the product development field, working on bolus STL file automation, something our customers will definitely benefit from.

But outside of .decimal, Nikhil was also into robotics–so much so that he has competed in and placed at national robotic competitions. His passion for robotics also got him a spot on Channel 6 New’s Getting Results segment on August 11th.

Nikhil’s dad, Prasad Chittaluru and his wife Shri Varadarajulu started Super 7 robotics team in pursuit of learning and creating robots.

Nikhil has since gone back to school at the University of Georgia where he is completing his Bachelors Degree in Computer Science with a minor in Robotics. He is also apart of the Robomed Lab at the Georgia Center for Medical Robotics.

We’re so proud of working with you, Nikhil! Best of luck!

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