Beanies for Nat

Nathalia is a remarkable little girl who’s creativity has not only inspired the Love Your Melon family, but also touched our hearts here at .decimal.

Nat loves art projects so much she even made little beanies for each of the Love Your Melon team members. When she was twelve she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and recently, Nat was told she only had so much time to live. After knowing her through her journey, Love Your Melon, a hat and clothing brand, wanted to repay the favor, so they started #BeaniesForNat.

#BeaniesForNat is a project where you can send in handmade mini beanies to Love Your Melon who will use the small beanies in an art piece for Nathalia and her family to thank her for her creativity and kindness. After hearing about it, .decimal sprung into action, collecting paper towel rolls, cutting yarn, and tying strings for a cause that hits home here at .decimal.

We always keep in mind the work we do is affecting someone’s life, and given the opportunity to bring someone joy who is so inspiring makes us want to help as much as we can.

Some employees were even so passionate, they took the project home with them.

In all, we sent 111 beanies to Nathalia and her team at Love Your Melon. We would like the thank Nathalia for bringing .decimal even closer, as we were able to spend time together that we wouldn’t have had, so thank you Nathalia! We hope to bring love, support, and joy for her and her family.

If you’d like to learn more about Nat, her story, and Love Your Melon, please click below:


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