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Happy International Women’s Day!

In support of International Women’s Day, we thought we would get together and show our “girl power”.  While manufacturing is a predominately male sector, it is great to know that, as women,  we are able to contribute to the success of our great company!

These incredible, strong, and admirable women are a huge backbone to .decimal and we would like to appreciate them by celebrating International Women’s Day.

Let’s hear it for women in the workplace!!



If Not Me, Then Who?

Here at .decimal, we recognize employees are multi-faceted and always encourage our core values here at work, but also at home and in everyday life. We’d like to commend Dawson for being committed to excellence and always doing the right thing through his volunteer work within the community.

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Above Par

The one thing .decimal always strives to do is bond and make strong connections with each other, whether that means spending lunch, afternoons and nights, or even weekends with one another. This month, a few .decimal employees participated in a golf tournament, held in the honor of Eustis High School’s head baseball coach, David Lee.

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Giving Hope

In the tradition and spirit of the .decimal United program, we spent the fundraising element collecting and donating non-perishable food items for the homeless this holiday season.

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Party Time!

The .decimal Christmas Party is one of the most exciting days that we, as a company, look forward to. From dancing to drinking, mingling, and good food, the .decimal Christmas Party is always a massive hit among all employees.

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Happy Howl-o-ween!

The holidays are always a special time at .decimal, from the food, to decorations, to family. There’s always a sense of togetherness that comes from this time of year. Further it’s a time we get to reflect on who we are and what we do. Halloween, however, was never a day that .decimal went all out for… until this year when we decided to tie in the Halloween spirit in with our .decimal United race.

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It doesn’t have to be November for there to be turkeys among the .decimal team! The next challenge in the .decimal United Race was a bowling competition in September.

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IMTS 2018

Putting our core value of Continuous Improvement into practice, a few members of the manufacturing team had the opportunity to attend the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago this month!

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Thank you, Captain Moon!

.decimal would like to congratulate Linda’s husband and Justin’s dad, Captain Ben “Pete” Moon on his retirement from the City of Deland Police Department!!

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Locked In

Communication and learning how to effectively work together as a team are two of the biggest challenges any company will face.  These vital keys to business success are the major initiatives behind the .decimal United team competition.

Where’s the best place to practice, you may ask? A dark, locked room and one hour on the clock, of course!

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Moving Up!

Continuous improvement isn’t just a .decimal core value because it’s important for work; it is something encouraged in all parts of life, including employee’s personal and professional life. We’d like to congratulate David Jr. for graduating with his Associate of Arts degree. Further, we’d like to congratulate Linda’s daughter, Summer, for continuing her education with PA school.

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Longevity Awards

One of the most amazing things about .decimal is the journey we’ve had to get where we are today. After 32 years, we’ve been lucky and thankful to have a great team pushing us forward, and we wanted to recognize those individuals for their dedication and excellence while they’ve been employed at .decimal.

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.decimal United Leg 1 Final Standings

To close the first leg of .decimal United, we hosted a picnic for employees, family and friends to celebrate what we’ve all accomplished over the past 90 days. It was filled with celebration, many laughs, amazing food, and great memories.

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For the Paws

As a part of the .decimal United program, the four teams competed in an Animal Shelter Donation Drive to see who collected the most items to be donated. Not only was it a great competition, it also had a greater purpose for the community.

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Congrats, Grad!

Continuous improvement has long been something that is key to our success at .decimal, so much so that it is one of our 4 core values!  Improving our products, our service, and even our employees are part of our everyday life.

With that said, we’d like to congratulate Daniel for graduating with his Bachelors of Science from the University of Central Florida!!

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Recently, .decimal was one of the lucky vendors at the biggest proton therapy conference in the world. Not only was it an amazing week at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, but it also showcased the worldwide introduction to ASTROID,  .decimal’s new proton-based treatment planning system.

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Marshmallow Fight!!!

March began the start of .decimal’s ninety-day team building program with a surprise for all its employees. .decimal United kicked off with an intense company battle including sweet treats and PVC pipes.

Made to boost morale, create a collective mindset, and further the culture of .decimal, the newly appointed Fun Committee put their heads together to come up with a 90-day plan made up of events, challenges and drives all constructed with our core values in mind.

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Can-Am Duel Qualifier

Gifted by FedEx, .decimal was able to raffle off a chance for one of our employees to go to the Can-Am Duel Race at the Daytona International Speedway. Congratulations, Rahim! We’re glad you had an awesome time!

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